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Welcome to the homepage for the Semiconductor Equipment Division of Canon USA.

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Based in San Jose, California, the Canon USA Semiconductor Equipment Division supplies i-line Steppers and Deep UV (DUV) Scanners that are used in the production of high-tech devices including integrated circuits, hard disk read/write heads, Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) devices, image sensors, displays and LEDs.
Canon photolithography equipment has also been developed to support the demands of Advanced Packaging, Through-Silicon Vias (TSV), Silicon Interposer and 3D Integration applications.

Canon has the resources and the commitment to develop ultra-precision imaging technologies and to find smarter ways to apply them to achieve the highest performance and value.
This smarter thinking is Enlightened Lithography--the unique Canon value that ensures the best return on our customers' investment.

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DUV Scanners

KrF (248nm wavelength)

Canon KrF scanners are key IC production tools with enhanced lens capabilities and mechanical advancements that support sub-wavelength imaging techniques.

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i-Line (365nm wavelength)
Canon i-line steppers provide a cost-effective imaging solution for applications requiring sub-350nm resolution.