Optoelectronic Products

Canon Optoelectronic Components, Integrating the Latest Technologies. Canon has been developing industrial components with super-high levels of precision and accuracys using its optical technologies gained and accumulated for over half a century. Canon now has a line of products that integrate cutting-edge optical technologies, electronic circuit technologies, and super-precision fabrication technologies, meeting the needs of our customers everywhere from research and development to production lines.

View AllDigital Laser Scanner System

Digital Laser Scanner System
High precision galvano scanner obtained superb temperature characteristics by employing encoders and digital servo controllers.

View AllOptical Digital Laser Rotary Encoder

Optical Digital Laser Rotary Encoder
High precision and accuracy optical digital rotary encoder packaged in very compact housing.

View AllInterpolator Board

Interpolator Board
Subjects analog output from encoders to mathematical operations and synthesis, achieving even higher resolution and accuracy.

View AllAir Bearing

Air Bearing
Rotation Precision Exceeding Sub-Microns, High Rigidity, High Endurance - Canon's Air Bearings Have Them All

View AllLaser Doppler Velocity Sensor

Laser Doppler Velocity Sensor
Enables non contact measuring of movement speeds, length, speed irregularities, and rotation irregularities from still state

View AllCustom Design Encoders

Custom Design Encoders
Best suited rotary and linear encoder for automation apparatus, semiconductor manufacturing equipments.

View AllSurface Reflectance Analyzer

Surface Reflectance Analyzer