Healthcare Optics Research Laboratory

Established on the foundation of Canon U.S.A.’s corporate philosophy, Kyosei, in November 2012, Canon entered into collaborative research agreements with Massachusetts General Hospital, and Brigham and Women’s Hospital to develop biomedical optical imaging and medical robotics technologies.

This collaboration lead to the opening of the Healthcare Optics Research Laboratory in Cambridge, Massachusetts in June 2013.

The research laboratory is approximately 13,600 square feet and is the home of skilled employees dedicated to developing biomedical optical imaging and medical robotics technologies with the ultimate goal of bringing medical devices to market for a variety of applications.

The areas that the technology will address include:

  • Image Guided Therapy
  • Miniature Endoscopic Imaging
  • Functional Imaging

Healthcare Optics Research Laboratory, Canon U.S.A. is working in conjunction with its parent company, Canon Inc.