The Riverhead Foundation for
Marine Research
and Preservation

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The primary mission of the Riverhead Foundation is to preserve and protect our marine environment through education, rehabilitation, and research. Through this partnership with Canon, the public is given a rare glimpse at the rescue and rehabilitation work conducted at the Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation’s Rescue Center.

Through the use of Canon cameras and interactive software, the public can view animals undergoing rehabilitation.

Interactive Software

The RFMRP’s research efforts use Canon products such as digital SLRs, camera lenses, network cameras and color laser printers to help support the monitoring of the seal population in the waters around Long Island.

Release of Seal

These tools provide a unique look at the work conducted by the RFMRP, and educate the public about the whales, dolphin, seals and sea turtles found in the waters around New York. Ultimately, these unique experiences will teach the public how they can help protect the environment.

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